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Here at BLS we have a high expectation that our members will uphold a standard of modesty and maturity. Being able to fit in with these morals is crucial to become a long term member. What happens within the community stays within the community, taking it outside of that is just childish. So whilst a part of this clan we hope that we will receive the same respect that we will show you. Failure to comply may force us to re think your position within the community.



In relation to suspicious behaviour regarding to "hacks" is not something that we will tolerate. None of us here have used them before and we believe that anyone caught acting like this be under a very watchful eye. If we confirm the use of hacks then said member will immediately be demoted and on a probationary period.


Remember that every action you make in public whilst wearing our tags represents the community as a whole, therefore we expect members to be polite and be fair within servers while showing common sense.

Be respectful of the Admins at all times. If an Admin asks you to stop doing something then stop doing it.


Matches, Practices & Scrims - Listen to your Admin or squad leader

We expect that players are active on the forums to keep up to date on when matches are, what times they will be played etc.


Communication between teams while scrimming must be kept courteous and preferably between the captains only. The last thing we want is bad blood with other members, remember.. we're all human here, and this is just a game!


Everyone that participates in matches will be required to have their say and input about the match in area's where we can improve on.


In Game. (Public Servers)

If you spawn camp an uncap, you will be dealt with. Whilst with BLS you are not permitted within an uncap, you are to leave the uncap immediately upon spawning.


Exploiting and Stat padding is another issue common with these games, We expect our members do not participate in such behaviours as it just lowers the standards for everyone.


Anyone caught deliberately team killing, whether it be for vehicles or otherwise will be dealt with.


Follow all of the server rules at all times, no matter what server you're on. If you would like to see a comprehensive list of rules and regulations please see: All Servers: Rules and regulations




If you're playing, you are expected to be in TeamSpeak with your team mates, and pay the common courtesy of not talking over other members.


If you have a problem with a member or an admin please be sure to either raise the issue with a member of the admin or management team preferably before the issue escalates so the issue can be resolved maturely.


If you are in a game channel and not playing, respect those that may be.


Do not spam channels with music or other unnecessary noise.


Consequences for breaking rules


Any punishments for members will be discuss by the admin and/or management team depending on the situation.


Punishments for breaking rules as a default are a 3 day ban from the game in which the event has taken place. The ban may extend to TeamSpeak and other servers depending on the severity of the behaviour of said member. This is not to be taken too seriously, i would encourage anyone who is dealt a punishment to take it as a learning experience, and when the ban is over to come back in good spirit. The banning system is merely just a way of enforcing the rules.


With every action there is a consequence.




Our general rule on this is that we don't allow multi-clanning. We expect members to be fully committed to BLS and to support our growth, it is also a sign of respect to our members and to the community. This is primarily with Battlefield 4, however if you are part of "Guilds" in MMO's or other games, then we ask that you let us know about them and we can discuss it in TeamSpeak.


There are exceptions to this rule which will be decided upon at the admin/management teams discretion.


Have fun, wear your tag proudly and make sure your kicking ass while doing it!

Do you have any questions?

Contact one of the Admins or current members in TeamSpeak. By adding the word Gold to the end of your application you are acknowledging that you have read and will abide by the CoC.



IMPORTANT: Age limit for applying to be a member is 18 or close to. If you are not quite 18 please contact one of our admins on teamspeak to confirm your eligibility.

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